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The band’s music is decidedly more fun than confrontational, but lyrics don’t shy away from populism. Justice sings, “Don’t let the man stand on your neck / they just don’t give a damn,” on the song “Jump Up, Run Down the Alley.”

Boulder Weekly
February 12, 2015


The album leads off with Go Your Own Way, which showcases the band’s unique ensemble gone funky approach. But Someday (We’ll Make Our Getaway) is the hidden pearl, with a jazz foundation supporting a R&B house that is literally burning down…The energy of the band’s roadhouse shows has found a precise rendering in the studio. It’s more than party music. It’s dangerous.

Cherry Creek News
August 19, 2014


From the super horn-heavy openers “Funquey Gumbo” to the sultry soprano sax on “Riff With It” to the melodic, vocally driven “Make It Grow,” Gumbo lays down a party soundtrack that is well played, intoxicating in spirit, and sounds like something that could be spilling out the doors of Tipitina’s on a muggy summer night.

Marquee Magazine
July 1, 2014


Press mention, The Denver Post
June 29, 2014


Another notable band playing this weekend is Gumbo le Funque, a New Orleans-styled ensemble performing jazz and funk music, (Grand Junction Downtown Partnership spokesman Aaron Hoffman) added.

Caitlin Row, Grand Junction Free Press

May 9, 2013


Expect to hear some music that makes you want to jump up and dance when Gumbo le Funque hits the stage.  Although the band plays a mix of traditional New Orleans tunes and some of their new original songs, they add a little funk to whatever they do.

Penny Stine, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (link downloads a pdf)

May 5, 2013


Gumbo Le Funque bills their sound as “party music,” but the strains of the horn-based ensemble is much more specific. The band specializes in the blues, funk and jazz-based sounds of New Orleans, a pedigree that comes through in the outfit’s high-energy live show. The band brings their signature blend of Southern roots music to Aurora’s premiere blues venue on Friday.

Adam Goldstein, Aurora Sentinel

June 1, 2012


Event mention, Prospect Eats, Longmont Times-Call


“Steaming Hot Gumbo in Edwards”
Denver — Denver’s only New Orleans funk -inspired band, Gumbo le Funque, will be collecting donations of materials needed to fight the Black Forest fire outside Colorado Springs, at its show at the Main St. Grill in Edwards on Friday evening. (more)

June 13, 2013



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