We’re just sitting here, kind of stunned and humbled, to get this feedback from Jamsphere Magazine:

Every track encompasses a different style. From the heavy classic guitar riffs, to the funkadelic bass pockets, this album surrounds a multitude of genres that will surprise and mesmerize you.

It’s a very special effort from an amazingly tight band. And the album only grows better from there on out. “Groove it While it’s Happening” find the band at their peak, artfully blending their jazz experiments with equal parts funk and soul, while Jason Justice’s voice is superb.

But you can read more at the link: http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/gumbo-le-funque-powerlovefreedom-high-octane-highly-crafted-explosively-powerful-jazz-funk-combinations

This album is available at a special price and configuration for a very limited time. We’re offering the download version with three bonus tracks for only $8. Check it out below.

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