How to use this page

  1. Take time to listen to the studio or full live track.
  2. Read the chart while you listen
  3. Get ready to play over the “no guitar track”

These three tunes are originals (except for “Earhole,” which is by Funkadelic).  They are played at every show, and now that we’re coming back from the pandemic, our crowds need to hear that there’s no drastic change. They want to hear where we left off.

Our normal stage instrumentation is saxes, guitar, bass, drums and vox.

What we need at the beginning of our relationship is for you to replicate the grooves, etc.  You can put your own spin on it, as long as you can keep the same feel, but that’s the next step.  Thank you.

Funquey Gumbo/Good to Your Earhole


  1. Funquey Gumbo
  2. Good to Your Earhole



Note: the rap in the middle isn’t played live.  You can duplicate the solo from the studio version, but we want to hear you stretch out with your own version too.


  1. PowerLoveFreedom


Go Your Own Way

Note: the “no guitar” track has some bleed through.  Please play over it.


  1. Go Your Own Way


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