We’re trying to fund a full studio recording through sales of this EP and these single tracks.

Name your own price for our EP

The EP has 6 tracks, and we’re asking for at least $5 for it.  If you can give more and can help us fund our studio recording more quickly,  just add your own amount.

Contains the following tracks:

  • Big Chief
  • Funky Way
  • The Letter
  • Get it Out
  • Iko, Iko
  • Shake Everything U Got

From “Get it Out”

Track 1: Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Preview: Mardi Gras in New Orleans (clip)


Track 2: Funky Way

Preview: Funky Way (clip)


Track 3: Big Chief

Preview: Big Chief (clip)


Track 4: Shake Everything U Got

Preview: Shake Everything U Got (clip)


Track 5: Get it Out

Preview: Get it Out (clip)


Track 6: Iko Iko

Preview: Iko Iko (clip)


 Track 7: Hey Pocky Way

Preview: Hey Pocky Way


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