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On March 15, 2012 we lost our beloved son Matthew in a car accident. His funeral, attended by 280 friends and family, was made possible by Matthew’s grandmother, who loaned us money from her own health-care savings until a victim’s compensation fund would repay the costs of laying Matthew to rest. Now we are finding ourselves in need of some help. We have recently been informed that due to circumstances beyond our control, the insurance company has denied the claim for expenses associated with Matthew’s death. We do not have the means to repay Matthew’s grandmother, who also suffers from muscular dystrophy and now has limited finances. In response to these unfortunate circumstances, a fundraiser to benefit the family of Matthew Lusk and help them during this difficult time is being held at Herman’s Hideaway on Sunday, July 1st from noon to 5 pm

Five of Denver’s best local bands will devote their time and talent to help raise money so that we can pay the expenses for Matthew’s funeral. Admission to the event is free – we only ask that you donate whatever you are able to give while you are there. You can also bid for items at the silent auction or buy a few sweets at the bake sale. Even if you are not able to donate right now, please come and enjoy a celebration of Matt with his friends and family.

Other suggestions to help raise money are very much appreciated. If you are interested in helping with the organization of the event, wish to contribute products or services, or make a donation please contact Lizz Lincoln at: or visit

The event to benefit Matthew’s family will be held on Sunday, July 1 at Herman’s Hideaway from noon to 5 p.m.  More information about the event is here.

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